Teams functionality allows multiple developers to collaborate on the same projects. Project administrators can create teams, assign teams with permissions to projects, and add users to those teams.

Teams are limited to projects with Team Pro and Enterprise level plans. If you do not have any projects with Team Pro or Enterprise level plans, you will not be able to create a team.

Creating a Team

To create a new Team from the portal home page, click the Create Team button and start by giving your team a name.

After creation you’ll be redirected to the Teams page where you can begin to add members to team.

Adding Accounts To A Team

Currently teams are limited to registered users of the site; however, you can add additional team members at any time.

Using the add a person field anchored to the top right, you can begin adding team members using their usernames.

Much like the team owner, team admins have administrative privileges over team management meaning that team admins can both add and remove team members from a team as well as add a team to a project. It is important to note that this does not mean team admin members have additional privileges at the project level.

Assigning Teams To A Project

Go to the portal home page and click on the Teams button anchored to the top right of any project.

Using the add a team drop down field, find and select any team you would like added to the active project.

Please note that in order to add a team to a any project, that project must be a Team Pro or Enterprise level project.

Once a team has been added, you will be allowed to set the permissions of the team at a project level. There are three options for permissions

  • Read - This will only allow the team to read form definitions

  • Write - This will allow the team to read and write form definitions.

  • Admin - This will give the team all permissions including reading and writing forms and access to all data.

You can assign multiple teams to a single project. All members of a team have the same permissions that were assigned to that team.