Project Templates

Project templates are a very convenient way to replicate projects. Templates are JSON files that define what Roles, Resources, Forms, and Actions to create. The easiest way to generate a template is to create a project, create all the Roles, Resources, Forms, and Actions you want the template to have, and export that project. Creating new projects with this template will clone the original project it was exported from.

Template Previews

Templates can also specify a preview application. If a project is created from a template that provides a preview app, then it can use that app to preview what the project looks like, live. There are a couple of steps to set up a preview app.

Setup Your Preview App

A preview application should be a publicly hosted instance of the application that you want your projects to be used with. This can be any kind of web application that integrates into <>.

In order to serve as a preview app, your application should be able to point to any provided <> project. When your preview app is used to preview a specific project, your project will receive two query parameters:

The url to your project on <>.
The url to the <> API server. For most cases, you may ignore this parameter.

For example, if your preview app is hosted at, and you preview your project at, then the user will open your app at (properly escaped, of course). Your preview app must be able to read these parameters and apply them in your app to connect to the given project.

Setup your Template

Next, you must add the url to your project template. Add an object to the preview key in the root of your template. That object should contain a url key set to the url to your preview app. You may also have a repo key that points to the source code of your app if you want to display a link to it when previewing. An example is shown below:

  "title": "Example",
  "name": "example",
  "description": "An example template.",
  "preview": {
    "url": "",
    "repo": ""
  // Your roles, forms, resources, and actions go here...

Now anytime you create a new project with this template, a new button will appear on the <> project page to preview the app.