Here at <>, we love to hear your feedback to make this the best platform for your development needs. Below are answers to commonly asked quesitons and known issues within the platform. If you run into other challenges or have ideas for added functionality, please drop a line to our Support Team, we would love to hear from you. Don’t miss out, join the discussion with our growing community on Gitter.

User Portal Page

When a developer logs in to the <> platform, they arrive on their own individual User Portal Page. This page is the main page and has a growing amount of general content for the developer. Here you can create a new project, manage existing projects, as well as manage your TEAMs.

Customer Applications

Whenever you see the word Application used within this User Guide, it is referring to the Application that developers are building outside of <>.

<> major components are created within the <> system, and are ultimately used in customer Application implementations. It is important to distinguish a customer Application from the work being completing within <>.

When developers are working within <> to create major components for their customer Applications, we refer to that work as Projects.